We arrived last night and this morning we hit the ground running! We began by visiting the orphanage and meeting the children for the very first time! We play soccer and keep away and we got to hold many of the younger kids while the older kids were in school. After our visit we began our journey to Bassin Bleu! Barb told us all it was an easy hike… but let me tell you it was work! It was very HOT and the hike was long and at times seemed straight uphill. At the start of our hike we crossed a river where the local Haitians were washing their clothes, vehicles and themselves. And it was odd that the river was surrounded by landfills! the amount of trash is almost overwhelming and very eye opening! As we hiked we ran into a group of students who were journeying home. Five days a week these students make this walk! I can’t even imagine walking up that hill so often. For awhile we walked next to these students in silence with an occasional giggle here and there. After awhile we realized they spoke english and we were able to have conversations with them regarding where they go to school and where we go to school. It was so fun to walk and be apart of the culture! When we finally reached the top it was such an accomplished feeling! We were all very thirsty and our quest for water left us empty handed. =( When we reached the top we hired a guide, Wallace, who led us a little further to Bassin Bleu. He pointed out the cocoa tree and the black bean tree and Horse Bassin and Yes Bassin on our way. Bassin Bleu was gorgeous! The water was very cool and it was a great reward after our long hike! We spent about an hour playing in the water and cliff jumping before we began our voyage back home. Wallace was able to find us all some water which was gratefully appreciated! As we began our decent we decided to hire a local man to climb a tree and cut us down fresh coconuts! We patiently waited as he cut them open for us to drink and then again so we could eat the coconut meat! It was so yummy and refreshing! The view from the top was breathtaking and it was weird to think that this beautiful country was so impoverished! This day was an amazing way to start our trip and we were so grateful to have the opportunity to experience the Haitian culture!